12 Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil

12 Benefits Of Black Seed Oil

Have you ever wondered why black seed oil is so widely known? There are lots of interesting facts about this healing element which you'd care to know. Nigella sativa, sometimes known as black seed, is a natural spice that has gained worldwide popularity for its medicinal and culinary uses.  

It is also known as black caraway, black cumin, kalonji, and black onion seeds. It was, in fact, discovered in King Tut's tomb, according to certain reports. Nigella sativa seeds have a little bitter flavour and are sometimes used in Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine.

Although black seed oil is native to Asia, there is evidence that it was utilised as far back as Ancient Egypt. It was regarded as fortunate seed in Hinduism for its capacity to ease digestion, heal asthma and rheumatism, and even revitalise the body.

What is black seed oil and where exactly do we get it?

The seeds of Nigella sativa are the source of black seed oil. Usually, it is cold-pressed from the seeds. It has a long and illustrious history extending back over two thousand years and many fallacies regarding the health effects have spread since it was employed in traditional medicine.

We're here to clear things up. In this post, you'll discover 12 benefits you can gain from black seed oil. Read on to learn more.

To keep diabetes at bay 

This oil holds a lot of promise in terms of helping to prevent and manage diabetes types 1 and 2.


A look ahead to 2019 according to research, the oil can assist people to lower their blood glucose, haemoglobin, and insulin resistance. They also observed that black seed improved glucose tolerance in the same way a drug called metformin does, but without the drug's side effects of stomach aches, headache, etc.

Enhances the health of the skin

Topical use of black seed oil has several advantages, such as in the treatment of acne. According to the results of a short 2010 trial, 97 per cent of individuals who used 20% black seed oil lotion had more than half of their acne lesions vanish, but just 50% of those who used 5% benzoyl peroxide lotion got the same results. 

These skin lesions were reduced after two months of use, with the findings attributed to the product's antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This oil is also beneficial to the body since it includes several antioxidants.


By being used as a moisturiser for anti-ageing.

Contains anti-cancer properties

Black seed oil contains an active component called thymoquinone. This component has been found to diminish tumour growth in the colon and trigger cell death in cancer cells in the breast,  pancreas, blood, and brain.

As if that weren't enough, another research found that combining thymoquinone with traditional cancer therapies like chemotherapy lessens the toxicity of these treatments while increasing their effectiveness.

Protects against liver damage

Using its antioxidant capabilities, black seed oil has been shown to protect liver tissues from the harmful effects of toxic materials like cadmium.

How does it accomplish this?

Through a number of key processes. Thymoquinone appears to lower oxidative stress, which is defined as an imbalance of free radicals and antioxidants in the body.

It then replenishes antioxidants that have been depleted due to harmful chemical exposure, preventing a range of liver disorders like cirrhosis and alcoholic liver disease.

Contains anti-inflammatory properties

The relationship between osteoporosis and inflammation has been examined further in regard to black seed oil. The outcome is that its thymoquinone content has once again been proven to block a variety of inflammatory chemicals.

What does this do?

It aids indigestion, nausea, stomach distention, bloating, vomiting, diarrhoea, or constipation.

It has anti-allergy effects

The oil is good for all symptoms of allergic rhinitis like sneezing fits, itchy nose, and throats, excess mucus in the nose, and congestion.

This property is credited with the findings confirmed in a 2011 research when individuals who used black seed oil for two weeks had a reduction in nasal symptoms, including

nose itch, stuffy nose, sneezing, etc.

It is antifungal and antibacterial in nature

In the medical world, we're aware that antibiotic and anti-fungal resistance is a well-known issue.

Consuming black seed is an effective way to strengthen your immune system and offer you resistance to fatal illnesses.

Reduces high blood pressure

According to preliminary studies, certain people took black seed extract, which is the oil twice, daily for eight weeks. The result was a substantial reduction in blood pressure.

Scientists attribute this therapeutic ability to the oil's high thymoquinone content.

Helps in weight loss/Reduces obesity

According to a certain study, black seed oil can assist people with obesity lower their body mass index(BMI) and thus lessen risk factors associated with it. For example, research was made where women took either black seed oil or a placebo and were placed on a low-calorie diet for eight weeks.

In the end, obese women who took black seed oil per day in addition to a low-calorie diet lost more weight overall than women who took a placebo and followed the same low-calorie diet for eight weeks.

Improves sperm count and fertility

Black seed oil has been demonstrated in certain research to help men with infertility enhance their sperm motility, sperm count, and semen volume.

The research involved infertile men with aberrant sperm counts. Men who took black seed oil daily for two months experienced a substantial increase in sperm count and motility compared to those placed on placebo.

What's responsible for this?

The results of a more recent 2018 study further confirm that the main component thymoquinone is responsible for these abilities.

Effective in wound healing

Applying black seed oil to your wound helps hasten the healing process. It contains microorganisms and antioxidants which help the body produce new, healthy skin by stimulating growth factors.

It also helps the skin produce more collagen which aids wound healing.

Lightens up dark spots

The fact is, black seed oil is high in Vitamin A, fatty acids, and amino acids. This makes it capable of minimising dark spots produced by ageing, hormones, sun damage, and inflammations.

Thanks to its hydrating and moisturising properties, it can help regenerate skin cells and reduce scars or spots produced by ageing. This makes it preferred and included in skincare products. Also, its ability to also reduce fine wrinkles,  combat free radicals and lower the ageing process is unmatched.


Tons of goodness lies within the powerful black seed oil, we hope you found one or two valuable benefits to exploit in this article.

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