Healthspan Magnesium Tablets - 375mg / 90tablets

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Healthspan have included 375mg of magnesium, which is the daily recommended consumption, as well as vitamin C and the whole spectrum of B vitamins for exhaustion and fatigue reduction, energy creation, and psychological function maintenance.

Product key features:

  • Teeth, bones, and protein production are all aided by this supplement.
  • Helps in neurotransmission and muscular contraction, especially heart muscle contraction.
  • Energy generation is boosted with the use of vitamin B complex.
  • Formula that is digested and absorbed.
  • Vitamin C helps the immune system to function effectively.
  • Gelatin free.
  • Vegan.


Black Seed Oil, Capsule Shell (Starch, Glycerin, Carrageenan, Sodium Carbonate), Vitamin E Prep. (D Alpha Tocopherol, Sunflower Oil), Vitamin D3 Prep. (Medium Chain Triglycerides, Cholecalciferol, D Alpha Tocopherol).

Recommended use: 

Take one tablet with water once a day. It is not recommended that you consume more than the recommended amount.

The body requires a rich supply of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to run efficiently. Magnesium is among the many minerals the body requires to complete various functions. It is one of the most important minerals in the body, crucial in performing various functions.

Why Do You Need Magnesium?

One of the most important roles of magnesium in the body is that it helps to power the pumps that control salt movement in and out of the cells. It is essential for muscle contraction, nerve conduction and triggering a regular heartbeat. Magnesium also plays a role in developing healthy bones and energy production. Other important magnesium roles in the body include;

  • Reducing tiredness and fatigue
  • Helping in the process of cell division
  • Contributing to the maintenance of normal teeth
  • Contributing to the maintenance of normal bones
  • Promoting the normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • Promoting electrolyte balance
  • Contributing to normal muscle function
  • Contributing to normal psychological function

Almost half of the body's magnesium is stored within the bones, and the other half in the cells. As a result, only about 0.3% is present in the blood fluid. This makes it hard to determine how much magnesium is in the body because lab tests rely on measuring the amount of magnesium in the red blood cells.

Magnesium Deficiency

The recommended daily magnesium intake for adults is 375mg per day. But only a few people achieve this requirement. Most people average around 323mg of magnesium for males and about 228mg for females.

Studies show that one in eight adults aged 19-46 years gets less than the lower reference nutrient intake for magnesium, putting them at risk for deficiency symptoms. For adults aged over 75 years, that average rises to 25%.

Magnesium deficiencies can trigger a world of symptoms, including weakness, nausea and fatigue. It's worth increasing your magnesium intake if you're experiencing any of these symptoms regularly. However, you should also seek medical advice.

Healthspan Magnesium

Adding magnesium to your daily supplement routine is crucial. But while doing that, you should also make sure you choose the right magnesium supplements.

Healthspan includes 375mg of magnesium which is the daily recommended consumption amount. The supplements also contain Vitamin C and the whole spectrum of B vitamins to maximise fatigue reduction, energy creation and psychological function maintenance.

The supplement helps in protein production and the development of teeth and bones. It also aids in neurotransmission and muscular contraction, especially heart muscle contraction. Healthspan Magnesium supplements also contain vitamin C, which helps the immune system to function effectively.

The supplements are gelatin-free and vegan-friendly. The supplements come in easy-to-swallow tablet form that you can take with water.

The supplement contains other vital ingredients like black seed oil, sunflower oil, and others that aid in the absorption of the supplement.

Healthspan magnesium is ideal for anyone who wants a great value tablet that safeguards their energy levels, supports bone, muscle and teeth health and contributes to the health of your nervous system.