The Shroom Shop Mushroom Powder 1500mg - Oyster

The Shroom Shop Mushroom Powder 1500mg - Oyster

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The Shroom Shop Mushroom Powder 1500mg - Oyster

Unearth the nutritional wonders of Oyster Mushroom Powder by The Shroom Shop, providing 1500mg of pure Oyster extract per serving. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this superfood supplement aims to enhance immunity, boost energy production, and support cognitive functions.

Key Features:

  • Supply: One container offers a hefty 1500mg per serving, facilitating personalized dosage plans based on individual health goals.

  • Immune Boosting: High in antioxidants, Oyster mushrooms contribute to a strong immune system.

  • Cognitive and Energy Boost: Rich in B vitamins, the powder supports energy metabolism and cognitive functions.

  • Anti-Inflammatory: Known to reduce inflammation, it is an excellent addition for those looking to combat oxidative stress.

  • Convenience: In powder form, it’s easily adaptable into various dietary applications like smoothies, soups, and shakes.